Why is August the very best time to start ice and winter bathing?

By Johan Seistrup

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August is an optimal time to start with ice and winter bathing for several reasons:

Gradual temperature drop: In August, the temperature begins to gradually decrease, and the water becomes cooler. This allows you to acclimate your body to the lower temperatures over time, making the transition to ice and winter bathing more comfortable.

Preparation for winter: Starting in August gives you sufficient time to build your tolerance to cold water before winter, when temperatures can be even lower. This can make winter bathing more comfortable and rewarding.

The benefits of cold water: Beginning in August allows you to enjoy the benefits of cold water, such as increased circulation, improved immunity, relief from muscle aches, and overall invigoration while the weather is still relatively mild.

Establishing a routine: By starting in August, you have time to establish a consistent routine of ice and winter bathing, which can contribute to building lasting health benefits and well-being over time.

Overall, August is an ideal month to start with ice and winter bathing, as it allows you to gradually prepare your body, enjoy the healing benefits, and establish a healthy routine before winter arrives.

What does Nordkilde offer in August?

Take a freezing plunge into the world of ice and winter bathing this August and discover a treasure trove of challenges and rewards for your body and soul. When you step into the cool water, you open the door to a range of unexpected benefits that will shape your well-being journey like never before.

Nordkilde is KICKstarted. We're launching the first traditional Ice Tubs from week 34. We look forward to preparing you for an amazing ice bathing journey!

Our ice tubs offer more than just an adrenaline kick; it allows your body to collaborate with the elements and pave the way for a deeper physical and mental transformation. From the moment you take the brave "leap" into the tub, your senses come alive. The chilling cold teases your skin, your heartbeats dance to the rhythm of the water, and a wave of invigorating energy washes over you.

Your body activates its natural healing mechanisms as the cold penetrates, increasing circulation and releasing a stream of endorphins and antioxidants. Muscle tension and pain begin to loosen their grip, and you feel a wave of clarity and vitality that fills you with positivity.

August is your gateway to a different way of engaging with nature and yourself. Each ice bathing experience sharpens your senses, strengthens your resilience, and builds a foundation of well-being that will support you throughout the season and beyond.

So, let fear dissipate and invite the cool freshness into your life. From this August and onwards, your Ice Tub is more than just an adventure in cold water—it's your shortcut to a deeper connection with your body, mind, and the world around you.

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