What do I need to get started with winter bathing?

By Johan Seistrup

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To get started with winter bathing, you will need some basic items to help protect you from the cold and make the experience more comfortable. Here are some things you should consider having:

  1. Swimwear: You can wear swimwear, or you can winter bathe naked if it is allowed in the area where you want to winter bathe.

  2. Towels: Bring a few extra towels with you so you can dry yourself after winter bathing.

  3. Blanket or Bathrobe: A blanket or bathrobe can help keep you warm after winter bathing.

  4. Headwear: A hat or headband can protect your head from the cold and keep you warm.

  5. Gloves or Mittens: A pair of gloves or mittens can protect your hands from the cold and make it easier to handle your things while you are out of the water.

  6. Hot drinks: Bring a thermos with hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate so you can warm up from the inside after winter bathing.

  7. Non-slip shoes: Non-slip shoes can help prevent falls when walking on ice or wet surfaces.

  8. Timer: A timer or a watch can help you keep track of the time to ensure you don't stay in the cold water for too long.

  9. A Partner: It can be a good idea to bring a partner with you when winter bathing so you can assist each other if something goes wrong.

    These items may vary depending on your personal preferences and the local conditions where you plan to winter bath. It's also a good idea to research local winter bathing clubs or communities in your area to find out their recommendations and equipment requirements.

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