Nordkilde Nordic Deluxe Isbad

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Are you a luxury ice bather, in need of a sleek design for your terrace or summer house? With our Nordic-inspired ice bath, you can connect our Nordkilde Cooler to keep the temperature cold or warm. Please note: Pre-order - delivery at the end of April.
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Interior: Fiberglass with a step so you can sit down.
Exterior: Cladding and stairs are made of thermotreated fir, which we also paint, and the rest of the frame is spruce.
If you order with the option for connection, you get a box-shaped staircase where the cooler (chiller) can be placed inside the box. If you order without connection, the step will be rounded in shape.

Interior dimensions:
Diameter: 91 cm.
Height: 100 cm.
Water capacity: up to 550 liters.

Stairs: The ice bath will be fitted with an oval staircase if you do not choose cooler connection, as shown in pictures 1 and 2. If you choose the option for connection, the step becomes square.

Possible add-ons: Preparation for cooler/heater/filter of the basin.

Hvad medfølger?

Package upon receipt: approximately 120x120x130 cm, 90 kg. Transported by truck.

You will receive a free cleaning kit with your ice bath, so you can clean it regularly, especially when you replace the water.

Possible add-ons: Option to purchase preparation (inlet and outlet) for cooler/heater.

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